Coffee Shops

Where do I find a great coffee shop near me? Someplace that I can enjoy a great cup of fresh coffee and socialize with my friends. Add meeting space and a cool working environment makes the venue that much better. We have found a few excellent locations to choose from here in South Florida.

What do you look for in a great coffee shop? My favorite coffee shops are large enough to have multiple divided areas to host various types of consumers all at the same time. At least once a week I have meetings, most of these meetings happen at a coffee shop, and scheduling makes it so I end up working at the venue for a few hours each time I go.

Do you prefer a coffee shop over a coworking space? Many of the people I meet at the coffee shops near me prefer the anonymity of a coffee shop over a coworking space. They like that they can come and go and no one knows their name. Others like the comradery of the coworking space. If you are looking for the social side, have you looked at coworking spaces?