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We have seen there are about five different types of members that inhabit our tech community. Here on our website we follow our visitors to offer the best fit for their individual tastes. Let’s break them down into avatars for our marketing purposes.

Stop! Before you join, what do you want to get out of this community?

Stop! Before you join, what do you want to get out of this community?

Let’s take this idea and delve in a little deeper. Below we point out the 5 levels or types of membership involved within our community. This is a key interest I have in you committing yourself as a member. Are you looking for like minded people to network with, yet you are not really interested in creating highly bonded relationships? Do you have something that you would like to share and get feedback in the form of mini mastermind circles? Are the educational components of our presentations and panels the magnet that brings you to us? These are the questions you should have, they are the questions I have of each of you that join our community. Your life will change once you have become a member and enter into some of the smaller circles of the community.

The Infamous Lurker Hiding in the Dark

The New Tech Community Lurker MembershipStarting with the Lurker, the Lurker is the person that you know is there, they read all the blogs, comments, and articles posted across all the community social sites. But they never commit to joining the community. We can see them in our analytics across all platforms, yet they choose to stay in the dark. If you are one of these member avatars, move up to the subscriber level. Once you have moved up you will know more about the community and when we hold our events. It’s not a hard step to take. You can click here to expedite your advancement to a subscriber!

The Joyful Common Subscriber with Commitment Issues

The Subscriber, they are the quiet mass of the community that has gone just a step past the Lurker, they have requested some type of information about the community, and they follow and comment on many of the social properties related to the community. By becoming a subscriber this member now has the opportunities to see when we have future events planned, they also get to see a few extra things that only those that can read our mail-outs can see. You like this idea, it’s only sharing a little of who you are. I understand your point of view. I know you can do better. Move up to the Beginner membership and know more!

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The Long Time Beginner could also be from Long Lost Lands

The Beginner Member, this group has taken the next step up an have shared a little more about who they are with the community. They have created a profile and may even have filled in the interview questions. They can now see more of the behind the scenes of New Tech Community and can participate on the website and other more private social profiles that the subscriber does not see. There is now a financial commitment to this membership as well. The added support of only $5 a month goes to maintaining and upgrades to the website and social profiles. This membership is often the choice of an out of the area member that does not attend events, but they want to keep in touch with the community from a virtual position. The question now is will you stop at the Beginner level or level up?

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Our Faithful Enthusiast with All Their Support

The Enthusiast, this group of members see much more in the community. They know that the more they commit the more they see in return. The sharing aspect is something they hold at a higher standard. Going to and supporting events across multiple niches is often part of their monthly plans. The online profile is usually completed along with all the community interviews. Interesting enough, this group holds a lot of introverts. With a monthly financial commitment of $10 per month they enjoy the reduced entrance fees at many of our events. This group also has more private zones within the website that the beginner does not know about until they have upgraded to Enthusiast level. What do you think, are you an Enthusiast, will you make the commitment to join our community???

The Table Top Dancing Community Fanatic We All Love

Then there is the full time Community Fanatic. This group of members make up the backbone of our community. Without this group of supporters most groups will fall off within a short about of time. Monetary increase in twice the Enthusiast level. Each month the Community Fanatic will commit to a $20 membership package. It’s what’s inside this package that makes it worth the jump. Besides the status of being known as a Community Fanatic this member gets into all the best events. We hold back a portion of our tickets and send these members special discount codes to get in for free at most of our monthly events. (These are our Third Thursday monthly events) There may be a few workshops and other events we host that require an small nominal fee, but for the most part they have made their commitment known to us.

In respect for this Community Fanatic group within New Tech Community.

We are planning many private events in the near future. Although these events are not all completely free to the Community Fanatic, they will have discounts attached that makes them worth while to attend. As an example we are planning weekend stay-cation events that only the Community Fanatics will be able to attend. I can already hear a searing hot grill sizzling with a beach front view someplace close. Think about this for a minute. Would you attend a private Geek Dinner with the best people you can find in our area? The people that are also able to form masterminds with you? Is the opportunity worth a commitment as small as $20 per month?

Where are the best memories made in our industry? They are made at our private social events! Become a Community Fanatic and you will see what I am talking about!!!

But Wait, There’s More and I am Excited to Announce It!!!

We are not collecting membership fees yet! We still need to work on our website and a few other online properties that will make up all the things that support our community. What we do have at this time is a donations page that we are collecting from our future members. If you would like to support our growth, the donations speed up our development time to get everything moving. Are you in for a $20 donation to help us along?

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New Tech Community has new membership levels to choose from!

Beginner Membership  Enthusiast Membership Community Membership
$5 per month $10 per month  $20 per month
 Website Profile Website Profile Website Profile
Discounted Events Discounted Events Mostly Free Events
 Discounted Listings One Free Listing
Private Event Invites



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