Why we are moving our mailing list to ONTRAPORT in 2017

Why we are moving our mailing list to ONTRAPORT in 2017

Why are moving our mailing list to ONTRAPORT in 2017 and automating many of our marketing tasks? New Tech Community started in 2007 with just a small group of individuals that were very active Facebook members. (see About New Tech Community) Over the years social networks have evolved and so has our membership. This has created a need for us to move toward a more privatized platform with less of the interruptions. With less distractions we may focus more on the content that drives our community forward. On to some of the major benefits and features that brings us to why we have selected ONTRAPORT for this task!

ONTRAPORT Offers The All-In-One Automation Platform We Need To Grow Our Online Community

Powerful Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a tool which… well, automates our marketing. The concept is to be able to place the right message in front of the right person at the right time. And do so automatically.

Our current method to distribute our mailing list was showing its age and not all the content was being distributed as we planned. (Email Delivery?) What we have been using was a single list with a single automated response to all members as they joined. It is known as a liner emailing system. When members get onto our list they get one automated series of emails. Do you see a little repetition happening? What about the times we need to send  message just to the investors about a deal. The rest of the list does not need to know about all the little messages being sent. This also brought up the issue that we needed an upgrade to the automation of our messaging system. An easier method for members to come and go and to be moved around within our mailing system. ONTRAPORT has a much easier tagging system for us to set up sequences and segmentation of our list. Plus ONTRAPORT has a much better tracking system for us to see exactly who is seeing and opening the messages we send. This will help us with the targeting of events to include those that have an interest in a specific topic and exclude those that wish to not participate.

Why we are moving our mailing list to ONTRAPORT in 2017

ONTRAPORT is also one of our top affiliate sponsors. This relationship will support many of our community tech events and meetups. ONTRAPORT also supports the community with many great educational videos. These videos show step by step how to automate your company mailing lists and customer communications.

There is a new kid in town by the name of Drip from the team at LeadPages. I am using this with another company that needs a more cost effect tool and does not need all of the bells and whistles. This is a great new mailing system, you can check it out here (Drip), it is also a less expensive system. But for us, at New Tech Community, we need all the extras that ONTRPORT has to offer to cover our automated tasks. Compare the systems and choose the one that covers your most important requirements.

Affiliate/Partner Management

The Affiliate/Partner Management part was the tipping point for us to move over to ONTRAPORT. For over a decade I have watched the local Meetups and social groups struggle with creating new membership drives. They get a good push from a few key players, then they seem to plateau at a point they can’t overcome. One of the ingredients I believe that would drive the memberships is the members actually getting a referral when they introduce someone that joins the community or purchases a product or service.

Protected Membership Sites

About our new membership site and



ONTRAPORT is the Automation System Created for People Like Us

2-way SMS Automation

Are you an SMS user? We are opening up an entire new way to communicate with our members. 2-way SMS automation helps us with not only the day to day communications, but when we have an urgent message, like a change of venues or times, we have the ability to make immediate communication with you.

Postcard Automation

When is your Birthday? Is there a holiday that you want reminded of. Stop laughing, I didn’t think so. What about the dates of filing corporate taxes or annual reports? These are the dates that are important to me and those in the tech and entrepreneurship world like you. Would you like a reminder every now an then of major important business dates?

Split Test Everything

Split testing my be boring to you, it may event have no interest to you at all, but it does when scaling a company. It is time we start scaling our communications with our members and split testing everything is a key component when it comes to saving money to communicate with you.

Automated Task Management

When was the last time you dropped the ball? It was a couple days ago for me. I set an alarm for a very important meeting and, well AM and PM are not the same in most peoples worlds. I was able to recover the meeting and things will move forward. But it created a very embarrassing situation for me as I hate no shows. If I had planned my schedule with better tools such as the automated task management included with ONTRAPORT I may have made the first contact in person.


  • Accept Online Payments
  • Affiliate/Partner Management
  • Lead Scoring + Routing
  • IMAP Integration
  • Marketing ROI Tracker
  • Fulfillment Lists
  • File Hosting
  • Facebook Lead Capture
  • Users and Detailed Permissions
  • Video Hosting
  • Sync our membership

The CRM for back-end communications with our members, sponsors, speakers, venues, the list goes on and on.


Why we are moving our mailing list to ONTRAPORT in 2017


ONTRAPORT was founded in 2006 to help small and medium-sized businesses meet the unique challenges of the marketplace. The company helps clients with all aspects of automated and integrated systems, including multi-media integration and successful implementation of CRM systems and other marketing tools. New Tech Community receives a commission from the referral of clients to ONTRAPORT.

Why we are moving our mailing list to ONTRAPORT in 2017

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